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Ikusnahi is an agency (with feeling) of local tours of the Basque Country and its surroundings. We offer quality experiences, cultural, natural and gastronomic tours with the highest-quality providers. Simply that.

Ikusnahi is Ernes, a Basque guy who moves around the world. Ikusnahi is Ania, a Polish woman who fell in love with the Basque Country. Ikusnahi is also several fundamental names (Mikel, Jon, Bendur, Iker, Andoni, Diego or Juan) of guides and cooks, who work and collaborate with us very closely.


Ernes is from Hondarribia, only separated from French basque country by a river. As a child, Ernes lived in one country but when he looked out of the window he saw another. So when Ernes grew up, everything else followed: world travel, jobs as a guide, designing routes for other agencies and, finally, Ikusnahi.


Ania comes from Gdynia, a coastal city in Poland bathed by the (cold) waters of the Baltic. Before visiting San Sebastian for the first time, she fell in love with the city through postcards (yes, the paper kind) sent to her by a friend. Ania is the satellite of Ikusnahi, the one that allows us to see our land with perspective and to know details that are not perceptible when we are born in it.

Mikel [mikel]


My name is Mikel, which is 'Miguel' or 'Michael' in Basque, a language I've spoken since birth. I'm 55 years old, happily married, and a father of three young adults.

I have a rather diverse background and have held various jobs: engineering, meditation, philosophy, and several languages. I am a Tai Chi - Chi Kung teacher, interested in holistic health, transpersonal development, and I devote my free time to expressing my musical curiosity.

I am a product of the fascinating world I lived in as a child. When I wasn't in school, I spent most of my time in my family's farmhouses, between the sea and the mountains, watching my grandmother María make cheese, curd, sausage, preparing the freshly slaughtered lamb, gathering chestnuts and mushrooms in the forest; or fishing octopus, crabs, prawns, and conger eels with my grandfather Ramón.

I am a storyteller. I suppose my passion for guiding through my land and telling stories comes from my childhood, from everything that reached my ears and that I listened to spellbound: stories of my people, their places, traditions, and ways of life; and how they laughed (and cried) at the joys (and sorrows) that accompanied them.

Lucía [lukíeɪ]


My name is Lucía, but everyone knows me as Lu or Lulú. Nobody chooses where to be born, but I've been lucky to land in this small city, Donostia-San Sebastián, so magical, so full of possibilities.

I'm a native of Donostia by birth and by heart. I love strolling along the shore of La Concha, watching the sunset from the Zurriola wall, or going for pintxos in the Old Town (making sure to visit Casa Urola or dance in any bar on Fermín Calbetón street).

My passions are theater, nature, and social relationships. I'm a dreamy person and I love walking around the city with my music, imagining the lives behind each window or fantasizing about the people walking around me, dancing as if it were a musical.

I have a 'French side'... And it's very happy to live so close to the border; to be able to change scenery and enjoy such a different and fascinating culture... always with some good French cheeses and wines, bien sûr!

Being part of Ikusnahi makes me happy. Thanks to it, I have the chance to meet people from all over the world and share with them all the passion I feel for our land, so rich in landscapes, gastronomy, and culture: Donosti bat bakarra munduan! (which means: Donostia is unique in the world!)

Markel [mɑrkəl]


Decades ago, my grandparents came to the Basque Country seeking a better future. I was born and raised in Euskadi, in a village nestled among mountains. I feel Basque and have a strong connection to the ancient traditions, history, and cultural identity of my land.

I love everything related to Basque myths, legends, history, and cuisine, although my favorite part is undoubtedly folklore and music. I play the drums in a Basque traditional music group.

I am fascinated by interacting and communicating with people from other cultures and ideas. It's the best way to broaden the mind and get to know the world better. I speak Spanish, English, and Basque, the native language of the Basque Country.

There's nothing that brings me more joy than seeing others enjoy and fall in love with this land.

Jan [ʤæn]


"I'm Jan. Smyrna, Istanbul, Barcelona, or Buenos Aires have been some of my 'homes' until I arrived in Donostia. This corner of the world stole my heart, and I fell deeply in love with its gastronomy, culture, and history.

I've worked as a bartender in several cities for 10 years, although my education and much of my work experience are linked to journalism and production. Guiding visitors, revealing the gastronomic and cultural curiosities of Euskadi, allows me to combine my passions: eating, drinking, and telling stories.

If I'm not working as a guide, you can find me at a concert (I love the music scene of Euskal Herria), facing a blank page about to write, in a bar talking about football, or in front of a microphone recording a podcast.

Mattin [mætíɛn]


Since I was a child, I've been immersed in the study of the culture and heritage of the Basque Country. My parents have dedicated their entire lives to researching, preserving, and promoting Basque folklore and traditions. Thanks to them, I have explored dozens of corners of our homeland and have traveled to other countries to spread it.

I am passionate about communication and culture. I love to learn, exchange, and create cultural bridges.

Sharing and spreading the traditions and richness of my land is an endless source of satisfaction for me. Contact with new people and the opportunity to learn about their cultures and personal experiences continuously enriches my learning.


We are aware of the impact that tourism has on communities, whether they are here or there. This translates into a genuine commitment to our surroundings.


We are curious and we like to interact with curious people, welcome them and help them to satisfy their curiosity. We always learn something from them.


Annually we revert a percentage of our profits to social projects chosen by our customers through local or international organizations.

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