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Ikusnahi is an agency (with feeling) of local tours of the Basque Country and its surroundings. We offer quality experiences, cultural, natural and gastronomic tours with the highest-quality providers. Simply that.

Ikusnahi is Ernes, a Basque guy who moves around the world. Ikusnahi is Ania, a Polish woman who fell in love with the Basque Country. Ikusnahi is also several fundamental names (Mikel, Jon, Bendur, Iker, Andoni, Diego or Juan) of guides and cooks, who work and collaborate with us very closely.

Ernes is from Hondarribia, the last village in the Basque Country, only separated from France by a river. As a child, Ernes lived in one country but when he looked out of the window he saw another. So when Ernes grew up, everything else followed: world travel, jobs as a guide, designing routes for other agencies and, finally, Ikusnahi.

Ania comes from Gdynia, a coastal city in Poland bathed by the (cold) waters of the Baltic. Before visiting San Sebastian for the first time, she fell in love with the city through postcards (yes, the paper kind) sent to her by a friend. Ania is the satellite of Ikusnahi, the one that allows us to see our land with perspective and to know details that are not perceptible when we are born in it.


We are aware of the impact that tourism has on communities, whether they are here or there. This translates into a genuine commitment to our surroundings.


We are curious and we like to interact with curious people, welcome them and help them to satisfy their curiosity. We always learn something from them.


Annually we revert a percentage of our profits to social projects chosen by our customers through local or international organizations.

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