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In the Basque language, Ikusnahi means curiosity, literally “whishing to see”. We haven’t chosen the name by chance. Ikusnahi is the answer to the curiosity that always accompanies the traveller on his private tours in the Basque Country. Ikusnahi will guide you so that you experience our culture first hand, thanks to the unique contact with the inhabitants of our provinces.

Ikusnahi will design a tailor-made private tour in the Basque Country, enabling the individual traveller to explore a variety of routes and live a unique personal experience, which will satisfy them needs and interests and provide them with an insight into Basque culture. The routes we offer have been designed by a highly qualified and experienced team of professional guides, who share a passion to transmit the values of our land, so that the traveller enjoys its bounties and discovers its secrets. It is in this way that apart from visiting somewhere new, with Ikusnahi you will be able to live a unique adventure.

We propose a series of experiences and private tours in the Basque Country, which will submerge the traveller into our culture, our gastronomy and our autochthonous sports, ensuring that their stay will be a truly memorable one.

Internationally recognized gastronomy, an outstanding calendar of cultural events and festivals, renowned cities and a natural environment bathed by the ocean and dominated boy majestic mountains means that we can offer a wide range of routes of spectacular beauty and variety.

Whether you decide to enjoy the experiences of our elaborate and varied programme of private tours in the Basque Country, or if you prefer a tailor-made route, you can rest assured that Ikusnahi will undertake to satisfy your needs and interests and thank to our experience you will discover the very best of our very special land.

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