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Ikusnahi is a Basque word that combines the verb 'to see' (ikusi) with 'to want' or 'wish' (nahi). It means 'curiosity', the desire to see, to know or to experience something.

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Looking for something even more special?

For some, excellence is a getting a good table at one of San Sebastián’s Michelin-starred restaurants. We help them find it.

For others, excellence is a sandwich of the best bonito (tuna, fished only 50 miles from here) devoured in sweaty t-shirt, on a rocky peak in the Basque Country. We also help them find it (and we provide the sandwich).

Customize your tour. Wherever our clients choose, our job is to provide them with the best of it.


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Good feeling. Excellence. Knowledge. Closeness. Txispa. *
* Txispa is, in Basque, 'good vibes', enthusiasm, the positive spark and energy created between people.
Simply that.

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