Hondarribia - One way

A half-day excursion to reach, by sea, and accompanied by cliffs, the last town in Spain (Hondarribia), to the last lighthouse (Híguer), and to the last river (Bidasoa) that borders France. What else? We will sail along one of the most pristine stretches of coastline in Euskadi, see the entrance to a fjord like those in Norway, pass by the runway of a certain Roland Garros...Need more?

The tour begins where all great adventures in history have begun: at the seaport. We will embark from the port of San Sebastián and set sail for Pasaia, traveling along the coastline and the north face of Mount Ulia. In other words, we will sail the reverse route of the Northern Way of the Camino de Santiago (or the Coastal Way), so don't be surprised to see pilgrims walking with their backpacks (in the distance and along the mountain).

San Sebastián vs. U.S.A.

We will navigate through a pristine stretch of coastline of about 5 kilometers, and from the sea, we will see rocky coves, cliffs, sandstone formations, the remains of an ancient aqueduct that supplied water to San Sebastián, and the peaks where the old fortifications stood to protect the coast (one of these fortifications was built in the late 19th century because there were fears that the U.S.A. would invade Spain starting from San Sebastián... WHAT??).

Passages San Norway

When you see a beautiful lighthouse perched on a rock, it means we have arrived at the lighthouse of La Plata, built in 1855, located at the entrance of the port and the fjord (yes, a fjord like those in Norway!) of Pasaia.

Crazy Sandstone

We will resist the sirens' song of the two Passages (Pasai Donibane and Pasai San Pedro) because our adventure is much more ambitious. A very long stretch of sailing awaits us along one of the most pristine coastlines in Euskadi. It is the north slope of Jaizkibel, the second longest coastal mountain in Spain. Before our eyes will parade a real geological spectacle by the sandstone that characterizes this coastline: caves, waterfalls that end in the sea, rock formations that seem to have been designed by David Lynch himself, gorges, some idyllic coves (near which you can swim, weather-permitting), forests overlooking the Cantabrian Sea...

To the (Air)port

After the experience in Jaizkibel, and passing the Híguer cape (under whose waters fantastic pieces of Roman craftsmanship have been found!), you may never want to set foot on land. No problem: arriving by sea to Hondarribia is an immense pleasure. On one side, France and the spectacular cliffs of Hendaye. On the other, the spectacular mouth of the Bidasoa River forms a large estuary. Flying very close above our heads? The planes landing (coming from the sea) and taking off (heading towards the sea) at the nearby Hondarribia airport.

Price for

  • Price: two people 885€
  • Extra person +45€
  • Maximum number of pasangers 8


  • Private tour
  • Time: 10:00 
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Places: Pasajes, Hondarribia
  • One way only

* On request:

  • Catering onboard (65€ per person)
  • Booking in a restaurant in Hondarribia
  • Transfer back to San Sebastián


  • Professional skipper and guide
  • Safety equipment 
  • Drink and a local snack

Not included

  • Meals, drinks and tickets not listed above
  • Transfer back to San Sebastian
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