Getaria - One way

A half-day excursion to reach, by sea and accompanied by cliffs, estuaries, and endless beaches, a town protected by a mountain shaped like a giant mouse. How? It's the western coast of Gipuzkoa, and after this thrilling sailing trip, it won't surprise you at all that one of the towns produced the first person to circumnavigate the globe in the 16th century.

The tour begins where all great adventures in history have begun: at the seaport. We will embark from the port of San Sebastián and set sail for Getaria, traveling along the coastline, the north face of Mount Mendizorrotz (known as Igeldo closer to San Sebastián), and the various coastal towns (Orio, Zarautz, and Getaria) that dot the coastline.

Dear Cold Cantabrian Sea

We will navigate through an almost pristine stretch of coast of nearly 10 kilometers, and from the sea, we will see rocky coves, cliffs, sandstone formations, a few dream houses, and some spots where, weather and sea permitting, you can take a dip. Spoiler alert: the waters of the Cantabrian Sea tend to be very cool for most of the year.

Moby Dick R.I.P.

Throughout the journey, we'll share stories about the quarrymen of Mount Igeldo and their relationship with the city of San Sebastián, whale hunting, fishing, and all the elements of the landscape that have some connection to the history of the Basque Country. After nearly 10 kilometers of coastline, we will pass by the beach of the town of Orio, next to the mouth of the Oria River. Orio harbors the fishing port that caught the last whale in the Cantabrian Sea.

Infinity Beach

Another small coastal hill will accompany us until we reach Zarautz, one of the first tourist towns in Gipuzkoa in the 19th century, and the proud owner of the longest beach in the Basque Country, stretching 2.5 kilometers.

Getaria Mouse

After Zarautz, the landscape changes: we will start to see slopes covered with txakoli vineyards; we will distinguish a beautiful road that winds just a few meters above sea level (the N-634), and in the distance, we will see Mount San Antón de Getaria which, yes, you guessed it, indeed, you are absolutely right: it looks like a giant mouse. And indeed, that's what they call it: the mouse of Getaria.

This is the end

Getaria is the final destination of our journey and hosts, among many other things, one of the main fishing ports in the Basque Country. That's why, as soon as we disembark, we will come across restaurants that grill fresh fish right there, on the street. Getaria is also the birthplace of the fashion designer Cristóbal Balenciaga and, very importantly, Juan Sebastián Elcano, the first sailor to complete a circumnavigation of the globe in the 16th century.

Price for

  • Price: two people 865€
  • Extra person +45€
  • Maximum number of pasangers 8


  • Private tour
  • Time: 10:00 
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Places: Getaria
  • One way only

* On request:

  • Catering onboard (65€ per person)
  • Booking in a restaurant in Hondarribia
  • Transfer back to San Sebastián


  • Professional skipper and guide
  • Safety equipment 
  • Drink and a local snack

Not included

  • Meals, drinks and tickets not listed above
  • Transfer back to San Sebastian
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