Food Basket Oso Bru

We have created in our laboratory (with the help of a chef with extensive experience in Michelin star restaurants) a journey without leaving home and we have enclosed it in a box, in THIS box. STOP. 

What you have in your hands contains top quality local flavors, curated stories, fusion recipes that aspire to bring together or even, what the hell, UNITE the two playing fields of Ikusnahi: Basque Country and Val d'Aran. STOP.

We can't believe you don't have tons of ‘ikusnahi’ (English: curiosity) to discover your box. Stop reading it now and get down to business, ok? STOP.

Happy Sea and Mountain experience! STOP.

Price for

  • Price: 135€
  • Contains food for four people


A food basket with gourmet ingridients to prepare a complete lunch or dinner.


  • Delivery
  • Recipies
  • Ingridients for 4 dishes, bread, dessert

Not included

  • Drinks, olive oil, sal