Acerca de IKUSNAHI | Private Tours Basque Country

Ikusnahi is a young and dynamic company with considerable experience in the world of tourism.

We want to make your visit to our land unforgettable. The experience we have acquired as alternative travel guides with groups in many countries has led us to start this new adventure.
The essence and one of the most important assets of Ikusnahi is the professional group of guides that make up the team.

This is the hallmark of the company : our experience of having worked with groups all over the world and our friendly service will turn your trip into a unique experience.
In Ikusnahi not only do we want to show the real and representative Basque country, but also the still unknown, the particular, the different, the unique, the Basque country of the small farmers, artisans, fishermen, because our belief is that only real people can show you the true essence of our ancient culture.

Ernes Olasagasti: Ikusnahi founder.

International travel guide in Banoa Travel Agency, in countries as diverse as Bhutan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Japan, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Syria, Jordan, Canada, Quebec, USA …

Formed at a Business school in France, after working several years in private corporations I quickly discovered that my path led me to travel.

After 8 years exploring the world, combining personal journeys and my work as alternative travel guide, I decided to move my experience to my country and found Ikusnahi.

This is my next trip, my dream back home, the adventure to work with our local people, designing tours which help the visitor to discover the real Basque Country.

Join our adventure!